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Finding inspiration while on vacation

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

That's what I did for this book. Inspired by God's creation while at Turkey Camp.

Some may not call this a vacation. But, I'd call it a really good one. Forget snow covered ski slopes and put aside oily bodies frying on some gritty beach. Instead, picture Spring of the year, folded into the ravines, woods and creeks of Ozark National Forest in Arkansas. Dogwoods, Sarvis and Red Buds bursting out with color. Streams burbling over boulders as fresh, cold water rushes downhill. Turkey challenging the sunrise with a double and triple gobble. Whip-or-will's calling out at dusk. Rain on a tin roof of a mountain cabin. A curious, hungry bear poking its nose into the air to suck in some sweet aroma. This is inspiration for me.

As you look through my website, take note of the pictures. I took most of them in the Ozark mountains and creeks that come together to form the headwaters of Little Piney Creek. The ground where my fictional characters walked.

As I walked this land, I was amazed and inspired by the artifacts, old home sites, and stacked rock fences I found. J. T. and Floyd told me, "Man you write stories and stuff. You need to write about up here." If I did my job, as they read the book, they will think, "I know where that is."

Hopefully, as you read this debut book, you can visualize yourself in these pictures. For this, this ancient ground, is where my story of the O'Brien's is set. A wild and beautiful land God created that hasn't changed much since the time of my story.

It's still wild, it's still beautiful, it's still there.

P.S. We never killed any turkey. That wasn't why we were there.

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