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How did I get here?

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

This has been a long journey, one I hope I'm just starting. After a lifetime of living, years of higher education, and friendships that I do not deserve, I am finally what I wanted to be when I grew up. A 'Paperback Writer'.

I owe tons of people for tons of reasons. But for now let's boil it down to three. My wife who's supported me through this exciting trip. Dusty Richards, who encouraged and educated me in writing and in how to be a friend, and the collective members of OWL (Ozark Writers League). I would have to write an entire book of names to include all the individuals who have supported and encouraged me from this group of writers. OWL is a writer's group that meets and holds conventions in Branson, MO. You should check them out online.

In short, to get here is not something you can accomplish in a vacuum. Lots of hours are spent in the solitude of creating but the joy comes in the recognition from readers. You do it because you have to, but you hope they are glad you did.

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