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Let's Have A Book Signing

Updated: Aug 8, 2020


The first in the O'Brien Family Series

Well, the book signing came and is now gone. And Boy, did I have fun.

I'll try to upload some pictures of the event soon.

Everything I've seen about book signings says that you consider yourself lucky to sell ten (10) books in a normal situation. It's more about getting your name out there and people will buy online later. This is if it's in a well know venue, like a book store, and if you've advertised for a couple of weeks.

My first ever book signing went exceptionally well.

It was not in a well known venue. Most people (even those who've grown up in Benton) are not familiar with the Shoppach House. It sits on the inside corner of the main street in town. It's been there since 1853, watching over the old Southwest Trail to Texas and Mexico, but people drive past it every day without realizing what it is. It's just an old building. And we were on the back porch of that.

I advertised by sending out emails, Facebook and an add in the local paper that ran for three (3) days.

I know a lot of those attending were related to me in one way or another. Saline County is that kind of community. I mean our families have been here since 1817, even before it was the Arkansas Territory, so be careful who you talk about, they may be kinfolk. Still, I had between 65 - 70 people in that yard over the evening.

I signed a number of books people had purchased previously on-line, and I gave two copies to the local Library.

But I signed and sold 41 books.

I doubt I will ever have as successful a book signing in my life.

Thank you to all those who came out to support me. Thank you for the kind words from those who have already read the book. And for those of you who are about to read it, I hope you find the characters interesting, the location memorable and the story engaging.

Thank You!!!

The Shoppach House

503 N Main Street

Benton, AR

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