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My First Book

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

“Where Light No Longer Shines is the first in my Light series. Let me know if you enjoy it. Thanks!”

Bonnie T. wrote:

I just finished reading Where Light no Longer Shines, by Harold Pelton. It is a gritty, engaging novel about the early settlement of the Arkansas territory shortly after the Louisiana Purchase. It follows the life of a young Irishman who takes his wife and young family into a new life in the wild wilderness of a rough and unsettled land. He has enemies before he even sets foot on his new homesite. The book is a page turner full of ups and downs, love and hate, joy and heartbreak, loyal friends and treacherous enemies. It's a well written novel with excellent descriptions that take you off the page and into the scene. It's hard to find a book where you forget you are reading. It's more like watching a movie in your head. Well done, Harold Pelton. I look forward to the sequel.

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